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PVC banners are the perfect low cost way to capture attention, get your message across and enhance the aesthetics of your event or business. Combining brilliant design with top quality printing and durable materials, pvc banners are proven to be the best, low cost outdoor marketing a business can use.

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Live in a windy location? Why not use our Mesh banners

Our Mesh Banners capture attention, get your message across and enhance the aesthetics of your event or business for the lowest cost. Combining brilliant design with top quality printing and durable materials, we produce mesh banners that get you noticed. Digitally printed mesh banners are mainly used in outdoor areas that are susceptible to high winds such as large building or scaffolding. Mesh banners contain thousands of small holes that allow wind and sound to pass through.

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We create signs that advertise promotions or your business, bringing your customers closer and enticing them to step inside or buy. We know what works, the distance a font can be seen from, the arrangement that produce the best returns and the materials that offer the best value for money.

We can work to your current designs replicating your previous success or we can help to bring your ideas to life.

From our fully equipped workshop we work with many materials, offering a range of finishes so you receive custom made signage that’s completely unique to you. You’ll be proud to promote your business with F1 Graphics as you’ll appreciate the quality and finish that enhances your business design.

No other form of advertising offers a lower cost per impression than vehicle graphics. A single delivery van with an effective graphic design can generate millions of visual impressions a year. And, with full-colour, photographic images on your vehicle, you’ll add a dynamic element that will get your company noticed.

The aim is to get your business seen, and to promote your brand or new product launch. We know what works and what doesn’t

The materials used are fully removeable at any time, meaning you can use the same vehicle time and time again. This means that any promotion can be for as short or long a period as is required.
We can provide with a comprehensive range of exhibition solutions that will help you stand out.

With the help of our creative and marketing team we will provide a stand that are  creative, memorable and provide value.

Top Sellers

  • PVC Banners

    Our PVC Banners capture attention, get your message across and enhance the aesthetics of your event or business for the lowest cost. Combining brilliant design with top quality printing and durable materials, we produce banners that get you noticed, banners that last and banners that don’t break the bank.

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    If you're looking for a top quality outdoor pvc banners for your next promotion or event, WOW Graphics has everything you need. We use state of the art printing equipment and sophisticated software to produce banners that will grab viewers' attention and turn them into paying customers.

    We also offer graphic design services, so you won't have to hunt for designer to provide images and graphics. Your banner will be custom made with exactly the text, layout, and design you choose. Of course, if you need a little help deciding how your banner should be designed, we're glad to do that, too.

    Since we use only top quality PVC, reinforced hems, and strong metal eyelets for our customers' banners, your banner will stand the test of time. No matter what the weather, your banner will look great for years to come.

    When you choose WOW Graphics, you won't have to wait for months to receive your banners. Our standard turnaround is one week, although we can expedite your order if you need your banner more quickly.

    How long do your banners take to be delivered?

    Our standard delivery is 72hrs from print ready artwork. We can produce them faster so please call 0800 014 1413 if you need your banner urgently

    How much do you charge for delivery?

    We charge a standard delivery price of £12.00 for any banners up to 1.5m in width. The delivery charge for banners wider then 1.5m is £15.00.

    Can you design the banner for me?

    We offer graphic design services, so you won't have to hunt for designers to provide images and graphics. Our database has over 100,000 images to choose from. Banner design costs are £15.00.

    Do your banners come with fixings?

    All our banners come hemmed and eyeleted as standard. Alternative options are available including pole pockets for hanging and cable ties.

    What kind of material do you print on?

    We print our banners onto a high quality 520gsm PVC material for extra strength and durability.

    Are your banners waterproof?

    All of our banners are completely waterproof and suitable for outdoor use.

    What payment methods do you offer

    Payment can be made by either PayPal, Debit card, Credit card or Cheque.

    Whats the difference between a MESH and PVC Banner?

    PVC and Mesh banners are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. However MESH banners are more suitable for windy conditions and large scale banners as the small holes allow breeze to pass through avoiding tears.

    Whats the print quality like?

    We print our banners at a high photographic 1440dpi leaving our banners with a vibrant, sharp and eye catching finish.

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  • Mosquito Roller Banner

    The Mosquito Roller Banner is our lowest priced banner stand ideal for all kinds of corporate events, exhibitions and any
    indoor promotions.

    • Available in a range of widths from 600mm to 2000mm
    • Available in heights of 2000mm or 3000mm
    • Includes printed graphics and padded carry case
    • Graphics are printed onto Premium PVC at 1440dpi
    • Extremely fast and easy to setup
    • Very portable and lightweight
    With so many banners to choose from, how do you decide which is the right product for the job?
    Give us a call for more information!

    1 Consider where and how often your banner will be used – indoors/outdoors, occasionally/everyday

    2 Select the correct type of material – e.g banner vinyl, mesh or textile fabric

    3 How quickly do you need to change and replace graphics? If often consider a cassette banner option, if not then a roller banner is the ideal solution

    4 What is your budget? Choose from economy if use is a one off or short promotion, right up to premium for when a quality product is required for extended use

    5 Size matters! Banners come in a wide range of heights and widths. Consider the environment and space available, banners should gain the interest of your customer but not get in their way

    A roller banner is the most popular, lightweight and easy to use banner system on the market. There is a roller banner for every occasion and any budget to make your message stand out from the crowd.
    £69.00 Select options
  • Custom Wallpaper

    Digital custom wallpaper is the perfect solution to create a bespoke display to brighten up any dull space. The digital wallpaper can be used to personalise home interiors, show rooms and trade shows and can also be used in many event/lifestyle environments such as hotels and restaurants.

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    Enter the size in metre’s of the wall you which to cover below

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